You can file an application via this website. The Board will need a few documents to assess your application. You can see which documents are required while you complete the application process.

First, the Board will check if your application is complete. If not, the Board will ask you to fully complete your application. The Board is unable to decide on your application until the application has been fully completed.

In some cases the Board may decide to invite you discuss the application. During this call or meeting, your preparation and motivation for your study will be discussed.

The Board meets 5 times per year. In the week after the meeting following your application, you will be sent a message that tells you if your application was successful or not, and the reason.

Applications not honoured
The Board’s decision is final. You are free to submit a new application with a different content. However, if the new application has the same basis as the first application, it will not be processed.

Applications honoured
Support received from the Van Beek – Donner Foundation is subject to a number of conditions. The Board will be interested to see how you are doing after its decision to honour your application. This is why you will receive support only if you send the Board reports on your study progress and financial situation at least every six months. Every year, the Board wants to hear about your progress from your dean. This way, the Board remains involved in your development.

If you also require support for the following year, you will have to submit another complete application, and the Board will make a new decision. Your study results will play a key role in this assessment.